Disinformation, aka fake news, is also a serious problem in South Korea. The Congress proposed more than 20 bills to fight against fake news. For more information, see “Fake News from a Legal Perspective: The United States and South Korea Compared.” Southwestern Journal of International Law 25, 100-119 https://www.swlaw.edu/sites/default/files/2019-04/7.%20Ahran%20Park%3B%20Kyu%20Ho%20Youm%2C%20Fake%20News%20from%20a%20Legal%20Perspective%20-%20The%20United%20States%20and%20South%20Korea%20Compared.pdf

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Registration System for Newspapers etc.

April 1, 2018 1 comment

Under the Act of Promotion of Newspapers (“Newspapers Act”), a person who intends to publish a newspaper, an online newspaper, or online news service shall have name of newspaper, type and frequency of publication, publisher’s name and address etc. registered with Mayor or other governors. Article 12 of the Newspapers Act states that the governor who has received an application for registration a report on the closure of business shall submit matters of registration or matters on the closure of business to the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on a quarterly basis. A person who intends to publish also must register the required matters to the Mayor or other governors under the Act on Promotion of Periodicals.
As of December 2017, the number of registered periodicals is 19,481 in total: 760 daily periodicals, 3,457 weekly periodicals, 4,977 monthly periodicals, 3,136 by-monthly periodicals, and 7,151 Internet newspapers.

*** Please note that this is not a “new” legislation! The press registration system has been working for more than 50 years. In 2016, the Korean Constitutional Court made an important decision relating to the registration system, but the registration system is still effective.

A yearbook of “2017 The Korea Press” was released by the Korea Press Foundation. The English version of this book can be downloaded here: http://www.kpf.or.kr/site/kpf/research/selectMediaPdsView.do?seq=574482

SNU FactCheck started its service to fight against fake news in South Korea. SNU factmeter shows whether the selected news information relating to Presidential election is true or not.

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Fake news and President election in South Korea

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2016 World Press Freedom Index: South Korea is ranked 70th out of 180 countries. Downgraded again.

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Impending broadcasting merge – SK & CJ HelloVision

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Japanese journalist acquitted of defamation charge against Korean President

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Google lost in privacy case in South Korea

Google ordered to disclose personal data shared with 3rd parties in S. Korea:


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Press Arbitration Act – statutory law for the right to be forgotten?

Revising the Press Arbitration Act has been discussed. Recent news article (Korean): http://www.mediatoday.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=124707

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